Introducing: An Upgrade to our Photo Uploader

We have rolled out an upgrade to one of the heaviest used features on SocialParody: the photo upload utility.
A Versatile Flash Up-loader for your network with an auto titler.  Upload multiple files at a click.  No need to title the photos, the system automatically reads images in a directory and creates a title. Previously, the system limited users to 10 files per upload.  Now, SocialParody Creators and members will have a fast, consistent user experience when adding content. We have been beta testing the new photo upload utility on, and feedback from the creator has greatly influenced how this new upload utility works.

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Jack4Jack Announces Newly Designed Social Network

LAS VEGAS, NV – December 10, 2010 –, a leading Gay Social Network, today announced the launch of their newly designed site by well-renowned designer Krunch.

Krunch, best known for his flair and attention to detail was commissioned by Jack4jack to completely overhaul their Web site. After several weeks of development, the new includes an updated and modern design that not only reflects the spirit of the gay community, but also features the addition of emerging Web-related technologies.

The color scheme and illustrations were a core component of the site’s overall redesign, designed to appeal to increasing numbers of adult goers who are turning to the Web for entertainment, hookups, and more. “It’s great to be able to share my concepts and designs with network creators who know what they want when they see it,” says Krunch.

New Social Networking tools were also implemented to allow for greater community engagement and cohesion.  In coming months, Krunch plans to add even more themes and design features, including custom questionnaires, drop down menus, and a dynamic iPhone application for updates and content notifications.

Sean Brogna, CEO noted, “We were very excited to partner with Krunch on these projects. The new successfully draws on many of the newest Web technologies and design standards to engage members and appeal to network creators to employ Krunch for all their design needs. looks forward to enhancing the platform even further as new Web technologies emerge.”

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Social Parody Launches Free Adult Social Network Service

Social networking website Socialparody has entered the market for adult social networks, by launching Beta this month. Social Parody is a dedicated platform for creating monetized adult social communities.

Founded in June 2009, Social Parody is a free online platform that empowers adults to create and discover new social experiences for whatever their interests in life maybe. Anyone 18+ can sign up to create, discover, or join new adult social networks on the Social Parody Platform.

Social Parody’s hallmark application is your own social network for anything. Anything goes! We are the first and only free adult social network on the web. Launched in June 2009, your own adult social network for “anything goes” gives individuals and companies the ability to rapidly create and scale entirely new adult social networks for free.

Your own adult social network for anything offers over 100 different design themes, option to completely control the CSS of a social network as well as the option for community members to add HTML to their profile.

The application offers a wide choice of features – videos, photos, video chat, music, groups, events, forums, blogs, live bulletin (shout box), and live wire (what are you doing now?) – in addition to a latest activity stream, customized member profile pages, friends, instant messaging, email notifications, RSS support, and third-party applications a member or Social Parody Creator chooses to add to their social network on Social Parody. As a result of this broad set of choices, each social network on Social Parody is unique and special in its purpose, design, branding, and features.

From the beginning, Social Parody has incorporated comprehensive privacy features into the Social Parody Platform that allow both creators and members to control their privacy at every level. Social Parody uniquely offers the choice of public or private social networks as well as multiple privacy levels within your own social network for anything.

Network creators can choose to moderate members before they join or simply show the social network’s homepage to non-members. Members of social networks have full control over who sees their profiles and content within a social network or on

Network owners can monetize their communities by charging a member fee for user access, placing relevant advertisements on the pages and create premium pages on their networks in order to encourage people to subscribe.

Sean Brogna,’

s founder has rich experience in administrating adult networks and ready and willing to show others how to double their site exposure & increase revenue by 100% in a week or less by guided tips and industry secrets on how to prime your Social Parody Adult Site to become a profitable enterprise.

# # #

Social Parody is an independent, privately owned company which provides a free dedicated platform for building adult social networks into niche communities.

Founded in June 2009, Social Parody is a free online platform that empowers adults to create and discover new social experiences for whatever their interests in life maybe. Anyone 18+ can sign up to create, discover, or join new adult social networks on the Social Parody Platform.

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Social Parody Website Plans

50G 100G 150G 200G
Price FREE!! $19.95/mo or $195.52/yr $29.95/mo or $291.52/yr $39.95/mo or $379.52/yr
Monthly Transfer Allowance 50GB 100GB 150GB 200GB
File Space 5GB 10GB 15GB 20GB
Member Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Broadcasts/Newsletters Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Advertising on Team Blog Team Blog Team Blog
Member Profiles
Custom Member Questions
Member Invite Features
Private or Public Site Settings
Invite Only Options
Site and Member Blogs
Site and Member Events
Site Wire
Site and Member Activity
Robust Forum/Discussion System
Member Groups
Upload Photos
File Downloads
Twitter/Flickr Widget Box
Link Directory
White Label
Ad Free Zones
Site Video Player
File Manager
Video Embeds
Video Uploading
E-Commerce Shopping Cart TBA TBA TBA TBA
Approve, Ban, Delete, Lock Member accounts
Control Member access to pages, features and settings
Embed Custom HTML Code and Scripts
Site Activity Administrative View
Member Data Export
Customization and Design
Drag and Drop Page Editor
Embed Custom HTML Code and Scripts
Member Start Page
Simple Design Customization
Advanced CSS Design Controls
Unlimited Text Box Widgets
External CSS Linking
Multiple Theme Management
Theme Export / Import
Content Privacy
Custom Favicon
Custom Scripting Areas for Header, Footer and Body
Java Script Compatible
Community Support – Get Satisfaction
Support Tickets
Custom Domain
Domain Name Forwarding – $5 Set up fee! $5/Monthly Included Included Included
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